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Demands on the healthcare industry are drastically increasing. Finding innovative ways to manage escalating costs and deliver high-quality care is particularly important for healthcare organizations. Intellispring Video Services offers real time video solutions help enable healthcare organizations improve the business and clinical workflows that rely on people, expertise, and information.

Healthcare Presence

Healthcare Applications:

  • Get critical-care specialists to patients' or general doctors to remote or rural areas cost effectively
  • Extends the reach of doctors and improves the quality of patient care
  • Enable faster collaboration between departments and other hospitals
  • Meet with patients and diagnose remote patients from a central location
  • Confer with patients, general practitioners and other specialists to review patient status to quickly and efficiently determine treatment and courses of action.
  • First responders can visually communicate patient and specialist
  • Connects doctors, pharmacists and patients to review medications and assess progress and change courses of action.

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